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The maximum number of passengers for a single booking is 10 (infants not included)



This writing contains the general terms and conditions for membership in Air Leap Scandinavias AB's loyalty club, Air Club.


Air Club has been developed to create added value for you as a customer and traveler.

When you join Air Club, you get to take advantage of special customer benefits and the primary thing is that you can book flights for points in the route network that Air Leap and Air Leap's other brands operate. When using these points, you only pay taxes and the airport holder's fees. You will also receive special customer benefits in the form of offers and activities. You receive points on all routes except the Röros-Oslo route and vice versa.

Your membership is valid until you explicitly terminate your membership, which you do via airclub@airleap.se


Air Club is a bonus program for individuals and anyone can become a member.


4.1 Legal basis for processing personal data

By becoming a member, you enter into an agreement with Air Leap regarding membership in the Air Club. The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is that the processing is necessary to fulfill an agreement (that is, this Agreement) with you.

Air Leap may save and use personal information about you and your membership and accounts where you have collected bonus points in the Air Club. We may also process your personal data to evaluate, develop and improve our services.

4.2 How to identify yourself when joining the Air Club

When you register, you will receive a code that you will later use as a login.


Discounts / benefits will consist of:

· Flights against points
· Offers and promotions

5.1 Flights against points

You book a flight for points and the only thing you pay for such a flight is the airport holder's fees and taxes. There is not always room to travel with points, which may depend on, among other things, seat availability, departure times and the number of customers who have booked on each flight.

5.2 Offers and promotions

Air Leap will offer Air Club members particularly attractive deals, such as booking early discounts and accessing certain deals first.

5.5 Force Majeure

If an extraordinary event occurs or a situation arises beyond Air Leap's control, which would make it extremely difficult or impossible for Air Leap to fulfill its obligations to you as a customer under this Agreement (force majeure event), Air Leap shall be granted a deferral. in fulfilling its obligations during the period in which the situation exists. After the situation or event that constitutes an obstacle to Air Leap's performance has ceased, Air Leap shall do what can reasonably be requested to return a benefit or right that would have accrued to the customer, if the force majeure event had not occurred.

5.6 Who can travel with Air Club points

You can book whoever you want with your bonus points as long as you book from your logged in profile. Bonus points are given for travel from 12/5 2021 onwards.

5.7 Complaints

Any complaints are emailed to airclub@airleap.se

5.8 Taxes, as well as the relationship between members and their employers

OIf the benefits accruing to the customer have been earned through work performed for the customer's employer, the benefit can be considered to be intended for private use and thus taxable. The customer is responsible for informing his employer and the relevant authority about such a benefit and is responsible for paying any taxes paid for such a benefit. Air Leap is not responsible for any losses or damages that may occur as a result of customers not meeting this requirement.

5.9 Payment

You pay in the booking flow, partly with points and the remaining part, ie taxes and fees you pay with a credit card or against an invoice.


6.1 How Air Leap communicates

When you register as a member of the Air Club, this means that you will receive information about offers and news regarding our products and services via our usual channels such as newsletters and e-mails as well as physical mail. Information is also available via the booking page and certain print material.


7.1 The purpose of processing personal data

We analyze the information you provide us with to see how you use Air Club to understand your buying behavior and to send you information and offers about products and services that we think you would be interested in. We may also use your personal information to send surveys or questionnaires to collect information about your experience of our service, our products and services.

The purpose of the processing of personal data under this Agreement is to operate and improve the Air Club. Your information will not be used for any purpose other than that specified in this agreement. However, unidentified data may be used.

7.2 Your rights as a member

To exercise your rights

You have the right to exercise your rights. What these rights are according to the GDPR, you can get information about on the Data Inspectorate's website: https://www.datainspektionen.se/lagar--regler/dataskyddsforordningen/de-registrerades-rattigheter/

Contact Air Leap if you have further questions airclub@airleap.se

These general terms and conditions constitute general information about how we handle personal data and about which personal data is handled. You can also find this information at privacy policy.

Access to information
You have the right to request a copy of the information we have stored at any time. Most of the information is available to you on Your Pages which you access via your Air Club page.

Correction of information
If your personal information changes, you can change it yourself on your pages when you are logged in to Air Club.

7.3 How Air Leap collects personal data and how it is handled

The information that Air Leap processes includes the information that you provide us with when you register, information about your purchases, and other information that you choose to share with us later.

For members of our loyalty program, information about the purchase is also sent to our loyalty system and data warehouse. These systems analyze the information to build profiles and target groups which enables us to reward you as a customer with discounts and many other more tailored offers and promotions.

7.4 What information do we collect when you register?

Mandatory information that you as a customer must provide when registering for the Air Club is:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Acceptance of the terms

Non-mandatory (optional) information that the customer can provide when registering:

  • Postal code
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • The desire to receive offers via email

All this information is stored during the time you are active in the Air Club. If you wish to terminate your membership, your information will be deleted from the system.

7.6 Disclosure of personal data to another party

Air Club does not disclose personal information to third parties

7.7 Your obligations as a member of the Air Club

By becoming a member of the Air Club, you agree to take part in and follow these terms. You also undertake to provide us with correct and appropriate information when you register and to update this information immediately if it should change.

You undertake to contact Air Club's Customer Service, to report any suspicion of unauthorized use of or other irregularities regarding your account. You contact us at airclub@airleap.se  


Air Club has the right to change these terms without obtaining approval from you with thirty (30) days notice. You will be informed of such changes via any of the communication channels used by Air Club.


If you do not comply with these terms or otherwise intentionally attempt to misuse your Air Club account, Air Club has the right to terminate your account with immediate effect. Air Club reserves the right to terminate the account of persons engaged in threatening, fraudulent or illegal activities against Air Club or its employees.

Air Club reserves the right to terminate your membership with a thirty-day notice period. In the event of such termination, all benefits that follow from the program, such as vouchers, etc., will be valid until the date stated on the voucher itself, however, a maximum of ninety days from the termination.


You can choose to terminate your membership at any time. If you want to terminate your membership, you must do so by email to airclup@airleap.se. In connection with this, your remaining points will disappear on the day you choose to terminate your membership. We will also delete your information in connection with your termination and your information will no longer be in the Air Club.


These conditions may differ between the different countries in which Air Leap operates, depending on the laws of the different countries. Swedish law shall apply to this Agreement. Any dispute that arises due to these terms and the Air Club program shall be decided by a Swedish court.