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  • {{passengers.adults != '0' ? ', ' : ''}} {{passengers.children}} Children (2-11 years)
  • , {{passengers.infants}} Infants (0-23 mon)
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The maximum number of passengers for a single booking is 10 (infants not included)

Security control

At the security check at our airports, you must be able to show that you are checked in on one of our flights on the same day.

You have two different options:

  • Show your printed boarding pass.
  • Show your mobile boarding pass on your phone.

Before going through the security check, please keep the following in mind:

  • Show your boarding pass to the staff at the security checkpoint.
  • Place your hand luggage in a plastic box.
  • Laptops and larger electronic equipment must be taken out of hand luggage and placed in a separate plastic box.
  • Put small items such as keys, coins and mobile phones in your jacket or hand luggage and place them in a plastic box.
  • Remove outer clothing (eg jacket, coat or jacket) and place in a plastic box.
  • Please note that there are restrictions on how much liquid you can take with you in your hand luggage *. Liquids, creams, gels and sprays in containers that hold a maximum of 100 ml (1 dl) may be carried in hand luggage. The containers must be placed in a transparent one-liter plastic bag and must easily fit in the bag, which must be closed. The bag must be resealable.

* Exceptions to the 100 ml rule can be made for baby food, milk and medicines. Only take what is needed with you during the trip. You may be asked to taste the content.