• {{passengers.adults}} {{ passengers.adults === '1' ? 'Adult' : 'Adults' }}
  • {{passengers.adults != '0' ? ', ' : ''}} {{passengers.children}} Children (2-11 years)
  • , {{passengers.infants}} Infants (0-23 mon)
  • {{passengers.youths}} {{ passengers.youths === '1' ? 'Youth (12 - 25 years)' : 'Youths (12 - 25 years)' }}
  • {{passengers.seniors}} {{ passengers.seniors === '1' ? 'Senior (65 or older)' : 'Seniorer (65 or older)' }}
  • {{passengers.students}} {{ passengers.students === '1' ? 'Students' : 'Students' }}

The maximum number of passengers for a single booking is 10 (infants not included)

Travel regulations

Air Leap's General Terms and Conditions regulate your rights and obligations towards us and our rights and obligations towards you - before, during and after transport. Among other things, these state our limitations of liability towards you in the event of damage and / or delay regarding you or your luggage as well as the right to compensation in the event of a canceled or delayed flight, as well as in the event of denied boarding.

Our terms and conditions and the passenger's justified claims for compensation in the event of physical injury and death or injury resulting from a delay in transport are based and based in essence on the Montreal Convention of 28 May 1999, implemented within the EU by Regulation (EC) No 2027 / 97, as amended by Regulation (EC) No 889/2002 and the national law of the Member States. In addition, there are additional provisions on compensation in the event of delayed or canceled flights, as well as in the event of denied boarding, which follow from EU Regulation 261/2004. This compensation is only the responsibility of the actual operator, if an operator other than Air Leap were to perform the flight, if this is stated with the airline code in the flight ticket.

General Terms and Conditions regulate the relationship between you as a passenger and us as an airline operator where we are the actual operator and when you fly on a ticket issued by us, issued in our name and our airline code is stated on the ticket for the flight regardless of whether another operator performs the transport under another airline code indicated in the ticket.