• {{passengers.adults}} {{ passengers.adults === '1' ? 'Vuxen' : 'Vuxna' }}
  • {{passengers.adults != '0' ? ', ' : ''}} {{passengers.children}} Barn (2-11 år)
  • , {{passengers.infants}} Spädbarn (0-23 mån)
  • {{passengers.youths}} {{ passengers.youths === '1' ? 'Ungdom (12 - 25 år)' : 'Ungdomar (12 - 25 år)' }}
  • {{passengers.seniors}} {{ passengers.seniors === '1' ? 'Senior (65 år eller äldre)' : 'Seniorer (65 år eller äldre)' }}
  • {{passengers.students}} {{ passengers.students === '1' ? 'Studenter' : 'Studenter' }}

Max antal passagerare i en bokning

Agent information

Reservations in Amadeus must be made on FL flight number. Other GDS, Booking should be booked on X1 flight number.

Tickets (Amadeus): 
Tickets should be issued on FL/100 document in Sweden and Norway. Accepted card is Mastercard, Visa and Diners. 

In other country ticket should be issued on HR 169  document.

Other GDS
Booking and Tickets should be on X1/169

Flex: C,D,Z,J
Smart: Y,B,I,L,T,R,M,N,H,U
Bas: O
Senior: V
Youth: S


Flex tickets are refundable if cancelation is done at least 1 hour before scheduled departure.

Procedure of reissue for cases when agent need to rebook on W2 flight which is missing in Amadeus:

Agent creates a new reservation for FL flight for the same route as the original W2 reservation and issues a new ticket for the passenger (new payment). In the new reservation details must be put referring to original reservation with PNR and original ticket number

In order to refund the original ticket on W2 flight  agent issue Refund Application via BSP link and inform us via contact bsp@worldticket.net with number of RA. Details about new PNR, new ticket must be added.

If rebook of original fare should be done with fee 300 SEK then refund must be done less this fee (300 SEK per coupon)

  1. Refund old ticket minus 300:- (C and GOPLUS no fee).
  2. New reservation on FL flight.